A tribute to the land before European settlement, featuring the Flag Song of the First Nations.  

Movement 1: The Nation Builders
Time: 1867 to 1939

First Voice:     An adolescent Acadian boy writes home from Ottawa on July 1, 1867 — the first day of Confederation.  
Second Voice:    
Lily Chang remembers her great-grandfather who worked to help build the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Third Voice:    
A young woman interviews old Joe Krychuck, whose family settled in the West in 1904.
Fourth Voice:    
A World War I veteran is honoured in 1939, at the dedication of the National War Memorial.

Movement 2: The Canadian Dream

Time: 1927 to 1963

First Voice:     Walter Hardwick writes in his diary of the dedication of the Peace Tower in 1927.  
Second Voice:    
A woman writes to her husband overseas on the day of Germany’s surrender in 1945.
Third Voice:    
A Scottish trapper reflects on his rich life in the Canadian north.
Fourth Voice:    
In 1963, a young Quebec woman writes with optimism to a friend who left the province long ago.

Movement 3: Pride in the past, faith in the future

Time: 1967 to 1994
First Voice:    
A young Albertan of East Indian descent tells a friend about her wonderful experience at Expo ‘67.
Second Voice:    
Joe Tatti, a First Nations Elder, tells his grandson of his hopes for the future.
Third Voice:    
Andrew, from Toronto, and Christian, from Montreal, playfully boast the achievements of fellow Canadians.
Schoolchildren of today tell what Canada means to them.

Finale: The Anthem of Canada’s Peoples

     A stirring vocal finale bringing all the show’s musical themes together, featuring the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the voices of Joëlle Rabu, Fraser Walters, members of the Elektra Women’s Chorus, the Vancouver Men’s Chorus and the Vancouver Children’s Choir.  

O Canada
     Featuring soloists Fraser Walters and Joëlle Rabu  

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