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  If you love folk, world and roots music and want to know more about events happening at and around the Folk Alliance Conference in Vancouver in February, 2001, read on. You'll get background on the Folk Alliance and the conference in 2001, as well as the planned special local public events.

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  What is the Folk Alliance Conference?  

The Annual International Folk Alliance Conference is a gathering of folk music and dance presenters, performers, agents, managers, media, and record companies who do business in North America. It consists of four days of workshops and panel discussions on many different aspects of the folk music business, North America’s only all-folk exhibit hall, Lifetime Achievement Awards and hundreds of artist showcases.
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  Who attends the conference and what is included in a conference registration?  
  This conference is for anyone involved with the performance folk arts. Conference events are for conference attendees only. This includes workshops, the exhibit hall, the Lifetime Achievement Awards, and all showcases.  
  Are there any events open to the public?  
  In Vancouver, we are happy to announce special concert events open to the public as well as to conference delegates: A Valentine's Day World Ceilidh and A Really BIG Night on the Drive are planned, along with other great outreach concerts. More details on those below.  
  Why would I want to be a Folk Alliance member?  

There are many benefits to becoming a Folk Alliance member. First and foremost, is the discounted conference registration fee for members. Members also receive our bimonthly newsletter, access to a growing network of regional conferences, access to leaders in the fields of folk music and dance, and discounted advertising rates in Dirty Linen Magazine
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  How can I register for the Conference?  
  Contact the Folk Alliance office for conference registration information. Phone: (202)835-3655, Fax: (202)835-3656, Email: fa@folk.org, Web: www.folk.org  
  How much is the conference gonna cost?  
Conference registration more info
Registration received by
October 2, 2000 
December 1, 2000
After December 1, 2000
Member Full Conference
Single Day Rate
Non-Member Full Conference
Single Day Rate 
  How can I get more information on the conference?  
  Email your name and address to fa@folk.org and you will be sent the current "early-bird" version of the brochure. We will put your name on the list to be mailed the more complete brochure in the fall.  
  Can I volunteer in exchange for conference registration?  
  To indicate your interest in volunteering for the conference in exchange for conference registration:
Vancouver and BC area volunteers should contact the local volunteer coordinator, Kate Polsky (604) 873-1914 or info@pmia.org.

Those who want to volunteer from other areas, contact the Folk Alliance Volunteer Coordinator, Pat Stansberry at (901) 526-7179 or patstansberry@prodigy.net. Priority is given to those who can volunteer four or five days. Single day volunteering is not possible.

Volunteering for local public concert events:
While we are unable to offer conference registration as a benefit, you can also volunteer to help with local public events and have a great time in the process, along with the satifaction of helping make something very special happen. See more on this below.
  Where has this conference been before?  
  13th Feb. 15-18, 2001 Vancouver, BC
12th Feb. 2000 Cleveland, Ohio
11th Feb. 1999 Albuquerque, New Mexico
10th Feb. 1998 Memphis, Tennessee
9th Feb. 1997 Toronto, Ontario
8th Feb. 1996 Washington, District of Columbia
7th Feb. 1995 Portland, Oregon
6th Feb. 1994 Boston, Massachusetts
5th Feb. 1993 Tucson, Arizona
4th Jan. 1992 Calgary, Alberta
3rd Jan. 1991 Chicago, Illinois
2nd Jan. 1990 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1st Jan. Malibu, California
  Where will the conference be in the future?  

14th Feb. 21 - 24, 2002 - Jacksonville, FL
15th Feb. 6-9, 2003 - Nashville, TN
16th Feb 26-29, 2004 - San Diego, CA
17th Feb 24-27, 2005 - Montreal, PQ

  What kind of community events were there in Cleveland and the other places?  
  Wednesday night Gala, Outreach performances in schools, libraries and other community service venues.  
  Tell me more about the public events.  
  You bet! Two major public events are being planned, along with concert and outreach performances around Vancouver.

Valentine's Day World Ceilidh:
scheduled for Wednesday, February 14th at the Commodore Ballroom.

A Really BIG Night on the Drive:
Thursday, February 15 in the Commercial Drive and surrounding area

Tickets for both these events go on sale in late December - stay tuned to this website for full details.

Outreach and free public performances are also being planned for Downtown Vancouver and in other area locations. Public events are being organized by the Vancouver Committee for Folk Alliance 2001, also known as the Local Coordinating Committee or LCC.
  Who is the Vancouver Committee for Folk Alliance 2001?  
  In each city the Folk Alliance conference visits, a committee of local people get together to help stage the conference and organize local events. They work with the conference manager to ensure some of the conference programming reflects the regional flavor of the area.

In Vancouver, a committee comprised of folk music professionals, reps from various Vancouver folk music organizations including the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Rogue Folk Club, Festival Distribution, the Pacific Music Industry Association, Grrrls With Guitars, Sounds and Furies, music media and others, along with just plain old folk fans have come together to make the conference here a very special event.

Our goals are to provide an opportunity for public audiences to share in this great event in our city, to offer artists more opportunities to show their stuff and to give delegates a chance to see more music and more of what Vancouver has to offer. We see the conference and the public events as a great opportunity to further develop and support the growth of folk music.

Local folk are working with the conference coordinator in Washington, DC, and with colleagues across Canada and North America to make the Vancouver conference a singular experience.
  Where and when can I buy tickets to the Gala and A Really BIG Night on the Drive?  
  Stay tuned to this website, Folk Alliance Conference materials and our general promotion to find out where and when tickets go on sale this December.  
  Is what's going on in Vancouver unique?  
  Our annual conference is in a different city each year and our conference manager works to ensure some of the conference programming reflects the regional flavor of the area.  
  Can I volunteer for the Gala concert, A Really BIG Night on the Drive, and other public events?  

Absolutely - click here!

  What if it's raining?  

That's a good question - and in Vancouver, you might well anticipate a bit of the wet stuff. Conference delegates can ride shuttle buses from the conference hotel to Commercial Drive. Everyone else can hop on shuttles running in the Commercial Drive and Victoria Drive areas to BIG Night venues. Otherwise - plan to have an umbrella under your arm.

  Got questions not answered here?  
  Leave us a message on our message board or drop us an email to folk2001@hotmail.com