A Really BIG Night
on The Drive
February 15
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  A local coordinating committee, comprised of music professionals, reps from various Vancouver folk music organizations including the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Rogue Folk Club, Festival Distribution and others, and just plain old folk fans have come together to make the conference here a very special event - and to offer artists more opportunities to show their stuff.  
  Commercial Drive and Surrounding Area The Drive as the locals call it, is a Vancouver neighbourhood renowned for its all round bohemian vibe. It's just the sort of area you'd like to discover when visiting a new city. On Thursday night we invite you to join us "live on the 'Drive'" as we transform it into one great big Folk City.

More than 20 cafés, theatres, halls, clubs and some other very funky spaces will open their doors to all the kinds of folk we can find - music, singalongs, participatory dancing and more. Some venues will be 'pavilions", featuring music from various Canadian regions, or focused on a particular music culture or style - some will showcase an eclectic mix of folk. Some cafés will have special dinner menus and we are providing a shuttle bus service, as conference delegates and folk fans from all over town will make this a night to remember!
Please note: Your registration for the conference includes free admission to
A Really Big Night on The Drive

Tickets: $16.00 (Canadian - less in US dollars) plus GST / service charges

To order your tickets, go to www.ticketmaster.ca
Search for Really BIG Night on The Drive in Vancouver - and order your tickets.

You can also call: 604-280-4444 and place a telephone order.